Vibe (from 'vibration') is about club-atmosphere, aura, energy that is created by the selection of music, light, decoration, special effects, artists and, last but not least, a participator with his/her attitude: tolerance, independence, being oneself and letting others be themselves. As we're sure that essence could be expressed in any form, one of the slogans of Vibe is DRESS TO IMPRESS that contributes to the impression of the club itself. Vibe parties are a refuge for intelligent youths that are fed up with the usual way of spending their time and money in dull club-life Tallinn. Vibe has a promoter who does guest list face-control at door. As decoration interior ranges from kitsch-to-technocratic-to-intimacy, so does the selection of music: their aim is to offer various choices for all people.

Their motto is P.L.U.R. P(eace), L(ove), U(nity), R(espect).

The latest party was held in Tallinn, Estonia last April 16, 1999 and featured yours truly & New York City's own DJ DezMix on the main floor spinning the usual hard-hitting NYC underground house that we've all become accustomed to. Over 1000 people showed up and danced their asses off till 6 AM. The theme for the night was for everyone to be dressed in "white". 10 of my mix CDs were given away during the night for the best dressed clubbers. Before the party, I was interviewed & photographed for a local newspaper and did some voice ID recordings for the dance music radio station, Sky Plus. The radio station played one of my mixes, Bang Bang during a 2 hour dance mix show to promote the party and released a radio commercial as well.
  • I recorded my mixing that night live at Vibe on several digital MiniDiscs and than encoded it to Real G2 format.

In the next few pages you will see who and what occurred at the party. Click on the mix above & enjoy the mixes while you view the party pics. Hope to see you at the next event!


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