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"Intense New York City style underground house mixes, cybercasted over the web. " 3/05 -

"DezMix is a page that post 50 or so files (and over 500MB of music) that you can jam to while working. The files are always there and he adds new mixes bi-weekly . They are pretty damn good. " 1/05 - Cool Internet Radio

"A good selection of the latest sounds. " 10/04 - WebAerobics

"Order your mixes here at DezMix Muzik. DezMix has been a source of underground NY House music since 1995, so you know they aren't just a prophetic sounding tale of 'Jack' and House music. " 8/04 -

"DezMix has been a source of underground NY house music since 1995, so you know they aren’t just another pseudo-underground site actually run by a bunch of suits in San Jose. Primarily a one-man show, DJ DezMix offers his latest blends of thumpin’ house, plus the occasional guest spinner." Noyce. 1/02 - YIL | Net Radio Station of the Day

"This DJ is a one-man music corporation, spreading the good word about NY house across the globe. For a solo dude's site, it rivals many collaborative efforts in its design & content. DezMix's resume looks good, and he broadcasts to his site when the "off air" button blinks live. Also, you can listen to past live gigs as well as order tapes and CD's of his mixes. All in all a groovin' jammin' New York beatmaster with a flair for web design, marketing and blasting out the soundz.
Verdict: If cloning takes off, this guy will be dangerous. Net worth ****" 12/00 - Stefan Music E-Zines

"The site kicks in with a repeated drum loop accompanying a rather prophetic sounding tale of "Jack" and House music. This rather slick start sets the general quality of the site which focuses around the New York House scene, well more specifically of a certain "DJ DezMix". He seems to have a lot of background behind him, a lot of releases and a pretty good site with a lot of samples to listen to, but what about the music I hear you bellowing, well after I'd finally downloaded Realplayer and decided which tracks to listen to from the mountains on the site, here's what I heard...Well I'm a little impatient and like things to kick in straight away, but with mixes that sometimes last longer than an hour that may not always happen. The best place to listen to music like House is in clubs (hey that's the point isn't it?), when your all packed in together soaking up the ambience of the music it's length doesn't seem to matter as much. Anyways to me (and I'm not expert with this style) it sounded good enough and when it did kick in certainly held my interest. There's a very solid beat, and as a whole the mixes are sparse, usually just beat, samples and "something else". I must say that I've never been a great fan of Dance music and all it's family but if this is the sort of stuff that's out there then as of now I'm certainly interested." 6/00 - Chinchilla Music

"There is one DJ in New York who has the old ways and old school style still alive and well. DJ DezMix, a DJ I have really admired as far as his ability to not only make you move but make you reminisce about those good old days at the "WORLD DISCO"......when House music was not commercial and was still considered a black art. His mixes are compiled of deep soulful classics mixed with the hard house of today, that seem to blend effortlessly into the next. Young in age but old in his ways, he has captured what is was like to be a true HOUSEHEAD or HOUSEJUNKIE." 12/99 - Superbeats

"New York City's DJ DezMix isn't called the House Junkie for nothing. His resume reads like a who's who of some of the city's hippest clubs and here he posts his original mixes in both RealAudio and G2 formats". 1/99 - Snap

"DezMix Muzik is perfect for those who like to bang their boxes with precision & smooth mixes". 8/98 - Internet DJ

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