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"I was born the day I became a DJ" ~ DezMix

DezMix Muzik | After 18 years, this site is still the digital source for hard-hitting New York City style Underground, Tech & Tribal House mixes, live online mix shows, mixed CDs & MP3s by DJ DezMix. Online since 1995, DezMix Muzik also holds the distinction of having the largest archive selection of House mixes on the Internet & one of the first sites to stream live RealAudio mixes.

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DezMix Muzik Mix Archives

  • TRIBAL: One of my Tribal House mixes on the back burner that flows. Enjoy: I LOVE DRUMS
  • AND EVEN MORE FRUIT: FORBIDDEN FRUIT: LIFE BEGINS. My latest entry in the Forbidden Fruit series.
  • MORE FRUIT: FORBIDDEN FRUIT: MOVIN' ON, featuring strong female vocals laid over hard House tracks. Enjoy!
  • XMAS HOLIDAY 2012: A new, funky House mix for the Holidays, titled THE INVITATION. Enjoy!
  • NYC IS HOME: The site latest mix is direct & called NEW YORK, NY. Be ready for some wicked sounds!
  • SUMMER'S CALLING: One of the site's newest mix, POOLSIDE SESSION. Enjoy!
  • NO TRICKS: Just treats! New mix released on Halloween '12, I'LL HOUZE YOU.
  • HEAR ECHOES?: I do. check out this wicked mix titled ECHOES OF NY, featuring heavy House mixes. Enjoy!
  • HOT!: It's getting hot out here. The latest, feature-rich Latin House & Tribal House mixes: SUMMER SESSION. Enjoy and more to come!
  • DOUBLE FEATURE: A feature-rich set featuring the latest in House & Latin House mixes: DOING THE JINGO and NYC (PHUK UOU)!
  • LATIN HOUSE, BARRIO STYLE: Another Latin House Music influence. The BEST in Latin House soundz: SPANISH HARLEM NIGHTZ.
  • UNDAGROUND: FUNKY DEPARTURE, featuring funky, underground House sounds. Real smoothin mixin'. Enjoy!
  • NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST: DRUMHEADZ. On the Tribal House tip from sounds all over the world, NYC style.
  • THE SEARCH IS OVER: IN SEARCH OF BEATZ. Bangin' beatz, I may say.
  • LATIN HOUSE FLAVA: A Latin House influence. Check it out, I think you'll like it......TAINO: ATLANTIC TRIBE MIX.
  • I CAN DO HOUSE: I love House Music. Believe it. HOUSE ENCOUNTER. Smooth & full of vibe. Enjoy!
  • I'M YOUR DJ!: Something on the Latin House & Tribal House tip. Check it out: PRIMAL SOUND.
  • PURE: The newest edition to the Forbidden Fruit series titled FORBIDDEN FRUIT: PURE SORBET MIX . Pure female vocals mixed with tight beats. One of the most popular series on this site!
  • SWEET & SAVORY: This new high-energy House mix was made to 'bop your head'. Take a listen, a soon to be favorite: HEAD CANDY.
  • SINFUL: Take an audible adventure in this site's newest mix: SinCity.
  • ON THE FLOOR: This will get you on the dance floor. The latest Latin House mixset in LATIN KICK. Enjoy!
  • HEAVENLY: On the 8th day, God created House! Here's a union of House, Tech House & Funky House mixes. Enjoy this site's latest offering: HEAVEN'S EARTH.
  • IRRESISTABLE: A House mix you'd love to own. Featuring smooth House & funky Tech House. Don't miss this one: TECH SEDUCTION.
  • REBOOT: To all of you who were frequent listeners of Freestyle Music in the late 80s to mid 90s, here's a newly mixed CD of some of the best Freestyle classics. Rebooted and remixed: FREESTYLE REBIRTH. It's part of the Freestyle MixPack collection. Enjoy!
  • IN HOUSE WE TRUST: This mix CD was made for the love of House. A spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing: I LUV HOUSE. Enjoy!
  • THE LIFE: A DJ'S LIFE, t he second mix of 2012 featuring the freshest assortment of House beats & mixes!
  • MISSING THE SUMMER: Here's something new to warm you up. The first mix of 2012: TROPICASA, on the Latin House tip. Enjoy!
  • WELCOME TO NYC!: Tribal in the House. The freshest beats can be heard here in the latest mix titled BROOKLYNITEZ. Enjoy!
  • NEW LATIN HOUSE!: ESPRITIU NYC: this is Latin House, NYC style.....can you dig it?
  • FORBIDDEN: FORBIDDEN FRUIT: THE SUNRISE MIX featuring the latest female vocal mixes & remixes. Enjoy.....
  • BELIEVE IT: Tribal House in full effect. The latest mix is titled PRAY FOR MORE featuring the jungle sounds of NYC. You've been warned!
  • DEEPNESS: Something out of the crate. Blended nice & smooth, titled DIGITAL CRATE.
  • TRIBALISTIC: One of DezMix Muzik's latest mix CD release is called DISTRUBING THE PEACE. It is of the Tribal House flavor and it delivers dancefloor spankers from the latest in Tribal.
  • LATIN HOUSE!: There's some heat and it's Latin House flavored! Check out one of the latest mixes here in MUZIKAL HEAT.
  • NEW YORKIZM: As a born & bred New Yorker, I present you with a killer mix called BORN & BRED. Enjoy!
  • FORBIDDEN: FORBIDDEN FRUIT: THE REBIRTH, feature strong female vocals laid over hard House tracks. Enjoy!
  • MELODY: One of the hottest mix on this site is called MELODIA. Check out these wicked beats to close out 2009!
  • THE BEATS : Once again, DJ DezMix & DJ Baby Ant collaborate in a phat mix featuring the latest in dark, moody Tribal House and House tracks. Peep this mix titled DROPPIN' BEATS......
  • THE DRUM!: The latest and fresh new Tribal House tracks are comprised here in the newest mix on this site called DRUMMERS DELIGHT. Turn up your speakers!
  • REMIXEZ!: The 5th edition to the "Remixez Series" is REMIXEZ V, feauturing House & Club remixes of some of the popular tunes in the Club & on the Radio. Check it out!
  • LATIN HOUSE!: AROMA: The Latin House Mix, featuring the latest Tribal & Latin House mixes. You won't want to miss this one!
  • STILL DOIN' IT: Another new installment to the House Mixes archives titled DOIN' IT AFTER DARK, featuring heavy-hitting House mixes from yours truly. Check it out.
  • HIP-POP!: Here's something different for your listening pleasure. FRESH: The Hip-Hop Mix featuring the latest in Hip-Hop and R&B hits. This is a must-have party mix CD. Check it out!
  • ONE MORE TIME: The 4th edition to the "Remixez Series" is REMIXEZ IV: The New Edtion, featuring the latest in past & present House remixes. Don't miss this one!
  • STEREO SEPERATION: Product of Houze!, this is an all-out mixing collaboration with yours truly and DJ Baby Ant, featuring the latest in wicked House & Tribal House mixes. Don't miss this one!
  • MORE REGGAETON: The latest DezMix Muzik release is called CHULETAS: The 8th Reggaeton Mix, featuring the what else?.....Reggaeton. It's the latest edtion to the Reggaeton Mixes. Check out this heavy-hitting mix!
  • MORE LATIN HOUSE: The 6th installment to the "Casa Series" and is titled CASA: Latin House Session 6 featuring the usual wicked Latin House & Tribal House mixes. Don't miss this one!
  • NEWS: The DezMix Muzik Webcast has been cancelled indefinitely. It's been a LONG RUN & thank you for all your support! With that, here's my newest mix CD titled REMIXEZ III: THE 3QUEL, featuring the phatest remixes of your favorite tunes in House & Tribal House! This is the 3rd & latest edition of the Remixez Series.
  • LATIN HOUSE: The 5th installment to the "Casa Series" and is titled CASA: Latin House Session 5 featuring wicked Latin House & Tribal House mixes. Check out this "caliente" mix!
  • GIVING YOU MORE: This mix was titled DECIBELS, featuring hard-hitting House Muzik & Tribal House. Check it out!
  • TRIBAL HOUSE IN EFFECT: You will be throwing your hands up on this one. After 3 years, DJ Baby Ant joined DJ DezMix for a wicked collaboration titled WE LOVE DRUMZ. This mix session was streamed LIVE. Click for what will be an all-out Tribal House frenzy!
  • NEW MIXES: If you like Latin House, check out the "Casa Series".
  • OLD SCHOOL MIXES: Here's the latest edition to the HOUSE CLASSICS series titled HOUSE CLASSICS 7, featuring classic House from the early 90s. Check it out!
  • REGGAETON: A perfect blend of latin spices. It's the ideal seasoning for all of your Reggaeton needs: ADOBO: The 7th Reggaeton Mix. Check out this featured mix!
  • ESTONIA MIXPACKS: Estonia CD MixPacks now available!
  • PHOTOS!: View the photos taken during the party I DJed at in Club Prive, in Estonia at the Photo Gallery
  • LIVE IN ESTONIA '03: October 29, Wednesday's LIVE mix show featured my live mix in Club Prive in Estonia from last Friday October 24th. The night was recorded as a 4 CD set: [ A TRIBAL NIGHT IN ESTONIA, RUMBA IN TALLIN, TWISTED HOUZE and BALTIC BONGO]. You can listen to each individually at the above links or hear all 4 mix CDs in succession here. Approximate time, 5 hours.
  • ESTONIA PART 3! : I am back from Estonia. It was my 3rd time spinning in the capital city of Tallin. The party I DJed at was called "Friends Of Ours" & was held on Friday October 24, 2003 at a brand new club called Club Prive. Here is the flyer. This party had a full house and the masses were grooving to NYC Tribal House that we've all been accostomed to hearing here at this site. The night was recorded on four minidiscs and were broadcast here. The four mix titles are: A Tribal Night In Estonia, Rumba In Tallin, Twisted Houze and Baltic Bongo. Stay tuned for these new mixes and photos! If you want to see previous pics from my last two appearances there (in 1999 and 2000), peep them here: VIBE.
  • The site is now accepting PayPal as payment for the mixes. Click here to order.
  • ADDED TWO NEW WALLPAPERS. Now you can download DezMix Muzik Wallpaper for your Windows desktop! Two designs to choose from. Files are in ZIP format. Just unzip files into your Windows folder.
  • Book DJ DezMix for your next club event. Contact in advance for availability.
  • ESTONIA REWIND! I just got back from spinning at the latest VIBE party, Sextravaganza, in the Eastern European country of Estonia on April 7, 2000. This was my 2nd visit to spin in Estonia & the party was off the fucking hook. Over 1500+ people attended. The pics are here! Here are two phat live mixes by yours truly from that night. Peep them, Part 1: Controlling The Vibe & Part 2: Freak Show.
  • Here is the radio commercial that was played at Estonian dance radio stations promoting Vibe's Sextravaganza party.

Where was the delirium?? was in downtown Boston. DJ DezMix mixed at The Boston Pride Youth Dance on June 12, 1999 Saturday, at Boston City Hall. The dance was titled "Fusion Ball" <--Click here for pics. Nonstop underground house, NYC style was played. The night was recorded live & it was titled Whip Cream. It is one of the popular mixes in this site, enjoy!

I was invited to DJ in Estonia on April 1999 and April 2000 at a party called VIBE. This was my 1st & 2nd trip to this Eastern Europe country & the party was OFF THE HOOK. VIBE is located in the country of Estonia and capital city, Tallinn. Estonia is located west of Russia & south of Finland in North Eastern Europe. Here is a radio commercial that was broadcast on their local dance radio show to promote the party. We had over 1000 clubbers at the event. Check out the party pics! Estonians know how to throw a party! Meanwhile listen to Part 1 of VIBE.....this mix is called Turntable Trauma. Part 2 is called In Search of DezMix & Part 3 is called Vibelicious.

DJ DezMix participated in ClubNYC's DJ Spin-off at IVY on April 1, 1999.

Click on the headphones to the left, for over 5+ hours of my latest nonstop Tribal House mixes OR go to the RealPlayer Quick Mixes menu above for individual mixes.

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