Analog to Digital Transfer of Music or Video to CD/DVD
Here at DezMix Muzik, we offer transfers of audio and video to digital output formats. The process is a direct digital transfer of your audio cassette or MiniDisc master to CD or digital transfer of VHS tapes to DVD video. We know how valuable your recordings are to you and pride ourselves on the quality of our service.
No audio or video degradation, no generation loss! Each CD or DVD is mastered to within 0.1dB of the CD headroom spec. I can create a 'glass master' complete with all PQ codes, correct volume, start and stop points for each song and 3 seconds of silence between tracks! With this you can create unlimited copies at a manufacturing plant. It is recommended that you make multiple copies of your work and store them in a safe place. CDs or DVDs have a shelf life of 30 to 70 years. The DVD's that we develop for you are compatible with virtually all home consumer DVD players and computer DVD-ROM drives.

If you choose to use an audio cassette or MiniDisc as your source, analog signals are transferred via 24k gold-plated Monster Cables and video is transferred via either the same 24k goldplated cables or a FireWire connection.

Price of $15 for each CD master or video DVD in it's own case. Contact for inquiries.

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